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Today, everyone’s talking about environmental responsibility – a practice that Duravit has championed for years in its selection of materials, technological applications and production methods. Sustainability is the very reason Duravit continues to work with sanitary ceramic. Today, the manufacture of Duravit sanitary ware ceramic continues to employ the same basic materials – clay, kaolin, feldspar and quartz – a set of natural, regenerative sub-stances. This fusion of Duravit’s environmentally-friendly production technologies with the company’s meticulous quality control results in products that are highly functional and long-lasting.At Duravit, sustainable materials, modern expertise and the foresight to recognize what will be important tomorrow comprise the essential ingredients for beautiful – and responsible – living bathrooms.
Duravit Toilet Seat White 0020710000
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Duravit D-Neo Toilet Seat White 0021690000
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£ 146.99
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