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Programmers and Time Switches

PRogrammers and time switchers for heating

If you want to take control of your heating and hot water, then our programmers and time switches are the perfect solution. We use products from the likes of Honeywell Home and Heatmiser, ensuring that you benefit from the best manufacturers on the market. There is no longer a need to waste energy and pay more for your bills than you need to. This is because our programmers and time switches are designed to give you control over how and when you use your heating. You can set schedules and times, ensuring your heating comes on only when you want it to. They are easy to install and set up which means that you will be able to begin saving money on your bills as soon as possible. What’s more, we also have a wide range of options to suit every budget, which means that our programmers and switch timers are available for all.

Salus SP220 S-Series Two Channel Programmer
(Code: 3300633)
Discontinued Product
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