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Adey MagnaCleanse Complete Solution Kit MACK01

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MagnaCleanse is the latest central heating system flushing breakthrough from the pioneers of magnetic filtration and the award-winning MagnaClean technology.
£ 484.99
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  1. Description of the article Adey MagnaCleanse Complete Solution Kit MACK01

    MagnaClean Professional 2XP has been developed by the industry-leading and multi-award winning company that pioneered magnetic filtration. Adey's filters are already protecting two million heating systems throughout the UK.

    The x-treme performance dual-action filter can be installed anywhere on the main circuit. However, to achieve the best level of protection for the boiler, it is recommended that MagnaClean Professional2XP is installed after the last radiator and before the boiler.
  2. ✔ Removes virtually ALL suspended black iron oxide in ONE pass
    ✔ System flushing could now be achieved in as little as TWO hours
    ✔ Effective system flushing results with on-going protection
    ✔ Cleanser remains concentrated within the system throughout the process
    ✔ Cleanser remains heated within the system throughout the process
    ✔ Effective and ongoing protection for the boiler for improved performance and efficiency
    ✔ 2 Year Guarantee