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Aqualisa Electric Shower 8.5kW Quartz Graphite/Chrome QZE8511

(Code: DD50871A)
Aqualisa Electric Shower 8.5kW Quartz Graphite/Chrome QZE8511.
Quartz electric delivers impressive design, impressive user features, impressive installation benefits and an impressive showering experience.
£ 266.15
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  1. Description of Aqualisa Electric Shower 8.5kW Quartz Graphite/Chrome QZE8511:

    This product is the Aqualisa electric shower Quartz in Graphite and Chrome colour. Electric showers are ideal in homes where hot water is in constant demand, or in particularly high demand at peak periods. For example, if you have a large family getting ready for school or work at the same time, the hot water from an immersion tank might not be able to cope. An electric shower could be installed in a second bathroom, or in all bathrooms, without affecting the supply of hot water. The main features for this shower are:
    ✔ Simple to use ‘smooth glide’ control with LED indicator
    ✔ Delivers instant hot showers with no demand on stored hot water
    ✔ Unique ‘Over Temperature Protection’ system for safer showering for all the family
    ✔ Delayed shutdown flushes away residual hot water, reducing limescale build-up
    ✔ Harmony™ Electric head with 5 spray settings
    ✔ Anti-twist hose connection
    ✔ Easy to clean nozzles reduce limescale build-up
    ✔ Generous footprint for easy shower replacement
    ✔ Harmony shower with 5 sprays patterns: Inner, Inner and Middle combined, Middle, Outer and Middle combined, and Outer
    ✔ Adjustable shower head diameter: 105mm
    ✔ Length of the shower rail: 506mm
    ✔ Width from the wall: 290mm max
    ✔ Electric engine box: 239 mm x 305 mm
    ✔ Phased shutdown
    ✔ Unique Over Temperature Protection
    ✔ Hose length: 1.2m
    ✔ Easy glide temperature control
    ✔ Illuminated one touch start/stop button
    ✔ Adjustable height slider
    ✔ Gel hanger

  2. Features of Aqualisa Electric Shower 8.5kW Quartz Graphite/Chrome QZE8511:

    ✔ Easy clean nozzles
    ✔ Easy click spray selector
    ✔ Anti-twist hose connector
    ✔ Gel hanger
    ✔ Power: 8.5KW
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