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Aqualisa Quartz Classic Remote Control QZD.B3.DS.20

(Code: QZD.B3.DS.20)
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Aqualisa Quartz Classic remote control QZD.B3.DS.20
£ 81.57
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  1. Description of Aqualisa Quartz Classic Remote Control QZD.B3.DS.20:

    This product is the Aqualisa Quartz Classic remote control QZD.B3.DS.20. It is part of the Aqualisa Quartz range.

    What more can be said about the Quartz Classic? Lasting good looks, a pioneering of shower technology and a UK best seller. Now, it takes its rightful place in the smart bathroom as a WiFi connected shower control. You can expect the same level of performance from this market leading shower but with the added convenience of control from your smart device, a remote control on the wall or a simple voice command.
    Main features:
    ✔ One touch start and stop control
    ✔ Simple shower activation using the Aqualisa app, or voice command
    ✔ Safe family showering with precise thermostatic temperature control and adjustable maximum temperature
    ✔ Eco mode setting saves up to 33% on your water consumption
    ✔ Range: Quartz Classic

  2. Features of Aqualisa Quartz Classic Remote Control QZD.B3.DS.20:

    ✔ One touch start/stop control
    ✔ LED display indicates when pre-selected temperature has been reached
    ✔ Wi-Fi & App compatible – control your product with your smart phone and smart homedevice e.g. Alexa, Google
    ✔ App functions include start/stop, shower timer, user dashboard, usage tracker andhelp & support
  4. To find out more details about the product. Have a look at the following product spreadsheet.

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