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Ariston Andris Lux Unvented Water Heater 10L 3kW Oversink 3100302

(Code: 1100230)
The Andris Lux from Ariston are small unvented electric water heater. It is a good option to get hot water. It is available with different capacities (10L, 15L and 30L) and also it is available in oversink and undersink versions.Ariston Andris Lux Unvented Water Heater 10L 3KW Oversink
£ 134.39
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  1. Description of the Ariston Andris Lux Unvented Water Heater 10L 3kW Oversink 3100302

    This model is Andris 10L 3KW Oversink. Ariston has taken the very best in unvented electric water heating and made it even better. Higher efficiency, accuracy and more compact; the sophisticated new design encases an evolution in electric water heating.

    The Andris range of small unvented electric water heaters is the UK’s market leaderwithin its category. Renowned for outstanding levels of safety, durability, comfort and design, these compact units are perfect for domestic and light commercial applications where space is at a premium. Each unit is equipped with a mechanical dial for simple usability, and an Ariston red heating lamp.

    Unvented installation kits are available separately.

    Please note that this product specifically complies with regulations on the UK market and is KIWA certified.
  2. ✔ Modern, cutting-edge and stylish design
    ✔ Easy to operate with mechanical dial
    ✔‘E’ setting on the dial to optimise comfort and energy saving
    ✔ Fast reheat times
    ✔ Titanium enamelled tank and 4-bolt flange for robustness and durability
    ✔ Copper heating element (Nickel free)
    ✔ Heating lamp to show the heating cycle is in process
    ✔ Installation in 10 easy steps
    ✔ 3 years manufacturer warranty
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