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BWT 14L Hi Flo Electronic Demand B/T Water Softener WS555

(Code: WS555)
14 litre Hi Flo Electronic demand block / tablet water softener
£ 695.94
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  1. Description of BWT 14L Hi Flo Electronic Demand B/T Water Softener WS555:

    BWT Luxury Water® softeners are a concise range of modern water softeners that have been designed and developed for UK homes and plumbing systems. Beautifully made, efficient and fully automatic each model is easy to install and live with. A BWT Luxury Water® softener removes the minerals which are responsible for scale and scum. It leaves you with BWT Luxury Water® that is kinder to skin, and allows soaps, shampoos and detergents to lather and rinse away more easily. Affordable Luxury - Gentle for you, your family and your home. 5 years parts & 2 years labour at home warranty. Free commissing with this model. Resin volume 14 litres. Dimensions (mm) H = 602, D = 480, W = 270. Hose sizes (Inches) Inlet 3/4", Oulet 3/4" Drain 1/2". Flow rate (L/Min) Min = 10, Service = 30, Peak = 50. Salt used per regeneration Min/Max (Kg) 0.6 - 2.0 Installation kit full 22mm. Electrical Supply/Transformer 220 AC / 12 DC. Installtion notes The WS555 is supplied with a 22mm high flow fitting kit as standard.

  2. Features of BWT 14L Hi Flo Electronic Demand B/T Water Softener WS555:

    ✔ Free commissioning - No fuss
    ✔ Smart water monitoring - for greater efficiency, Block & Tablet salt options
    ✔ Electronic control system - softener adapts to your lifestyle with Block & Tablet salt options
    ✔ Market leading @Home warranties - for complete peace of mind
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