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Calmag Cleanser 1L CHEM-CLEANSER-1L

Calmag Cleanser 1L CHEM-CLEANSER-1L. 1 litre pre-commissioning cleanser
£ 12.01
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  1. Description of Calmag Cleanser 1L CHEM-CLEANSER-1L:

    This product is the Calmag Cleanser 1L CHEM-CLEANSER-1L. This Cleanser is suitable for use with all components. Will not harm aluminium or other metals. Requires no neutralisation. CAn remove light rust. Helps to descale and soften water. Overdoses the system does not present a problem.

    This product is designed for new and old central heating systems. Cleans and neutralises sludge, flux, scale, slit, light rust, debris, oils and grease from new and old systems, as well as flocculating magnetite sludges and particulate residues, to facilitate their easy removal with a Powerflush machine. Use at 1% dilution (1 litre to 100 litres of water).

    How to use it:

    Connect Powerflusing equipment to system. Leaving all radiators open, add 1 litre of Calcleanser per 10 radiators. To test that the mix has reached all parts of the system, switch the boiler on and see if the radiators are heating up evenly. Use Powerflush machine to change system water and dump sludge residues. Calmag recommend circulating the mixture around the system for 30 minutes to 1 hour for an average heating system. Allow more time for heavily sludged systems. CalCleanser can be left in the system for up to 2 weeks without any detrimental effects.

  2. Features of Calmag Cleanser 1L CHEM-CLEANSER-1L:

    ✔ Cleanser
    ✔ 1 litre
    ✔ 10-15 radiators
    ✔ 100 litre system
    ✔ 1-3% dosage