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Calmag CalTronic Electronic Scale Inhibitor SI-CALTRONIC

(Code: 2292301)
Calmag CalTronic Electronic Scale Inhibitor SI-CALTRONIC. 15-42mm electronic unit
£ 59.99
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  1. Description of Calmag CalTronic Electronic Scale Inhibitor SI-CALTRONIC:

    This product is the Calmag CalTronic Electronic Scale Inhibitor SI-CALTRONIC. The non-intrusive CalTronic electronic scale inhibitor is easy and quick to install – simply wrap the aerial wires around pipework and plug into a standard household socket. CalTronic creates variable frequency waves to create an electrical pulse in water. A single polarity is induced, resulting in the prevention of hard scale formation and a reduction in existing scale build-up. The product includes the following items:
    ✔ CalTronic Control Unit
    ✔ 2 x two-metre lengths of a single cable fixed (antennae aerials)
    ✔ 4 Screws (to mount the unit to a suitable fixture)
    ✔ 4 Cable ties (to secure signal cable when coiled)

    How it works:
    Plugged into the main electrical 230 volt supply the CalTronic draws power to the main control unit where it is passed through a 12 volt transformer and out to the aerial wires, wound around the pipework. These ariel wires transmit variable radiofrequency waves between them creating an electrical pulse in the water. The variable pulse flows through the water and induces a single polarity, the calcium and magnesium particles in the water take on the same polarity, therefore as like poles repel, prevents these particles crystalising together to form hard limescale.
    The main CalTronic will not only prevent further hard water limescale build-up but also reduce and finally clear all existing hard water limescale build-up already present in your system or plumbed in appliances.

    How to install:
    CalTronic should be installed on the incoming mains supply (close to an electrical supply) so as to give maximum protection to all appliances throughout the household. The conditioning effect will work both with the direction of flow and against, helping to overcome any installation difficulties. CalTronic will work on any material including lead, also plastic pipework, which is normally not associated with limescale, by fully winding each ariel wire around the pipework in a tightly coiled fashion (approximately 10 turns).
    Best results have proved to be from two ariel wires being wound around non interrupted pipework with the ends being connected together to complete the circuit. CalTronic can be fitted on both hot and cold water pipework, horizontally, vertically or diagonal with clockwise or anticlockwise winding and will work on 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm and 42mm pipework. CalTronic should be attached to a suitable fixture within a reasonable distance of the selected pipework.
    The benefits from this scale inhibitor are:
    ✔ Non-intrusive
    ✔ Existing scale removed
    ✔ No maintenance
    ✔ No plumbing
    ✔ No chemicals
    ✔ Whole house protection
    ✔ Durable nickel plating
    ✔ Lifetime Guarantee

  2. Features of Calmag CalTronic Electronic Scale Inhibitor SI-CALTRONIC:

    ✔ Electronic
    ✔ Wrap around
    ✔ No plumbing
    ✔ 15-42mm
    ✔ No maintenance
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