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Cistermiser Infrared Control Valve IRC2

(Code: IRC2)
Infrared control valve with PIR sensor - complete with flush mounting kit for ceiling mounting
£ 279.99
£ 210.97
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  1. Description of Cistermiser Infrared Control Valve IRC2:

    Motion sensing infrared urinal flushing control valve complete with brass-bodied solenoid valve and flush mounting bracket for ceiling or cavity wall installations, battery or mains powered, for cistern flushing applications.

    The market-leading Infrared Control (IRC®) urinal flushing valve from Cistermiser automatically manages the supply of water to a urinal cistern. The PIR sensor detects movement and activates the solenoid valve, allowing water into the cistern. And now the best is even better. Incorporating the same proven and robust brass valve, new features include a stylish and compact body shape, an economy mode option to provide even greater water savings and a design which allows easy-to-use battery replacement.
  2. Features of Cistermiser Infrared Control Valve IRC2:

    ✔ The ideal valve for control of cistern fed urinals
    ✔ Normal or economy mode water saving options
    ✔ Battery or mains powered
    ✔ Pipe, wall or ceiling mounted sensor - surface mounted or recessed
    ✔ Ensure compliance with the water regulations
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