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DAB Esybox Mini 3 Booster Pump 60183504

(Code: 1144548)
DAB Pumps
Cold Water Booster Pump
£ 569.99
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  1. Description of DAB Esybox Mini 3 Booster Pump 60183504:

    Esybox Mini 3 is the DAB compact automatic pressurisation system for the water supply of a single dwelling. E.Sybox Mini 3 guarantees the comfort of constant pressure (Pressure Set Point adjustable from 1 up to 5,5 bar) inside the system, and energy savings thanks to the inverter technology. Suitable for use with drinking water, in domestic systems, and in gardening applications.

    Esybox Mini 3 does not require any additional components for its installation. It consists of a high frequency self-priming double impeller pump, management inverter electronics, pressure and flow sensors, adjustable high resolution LCD display with 1 litre built-in expansion vessel, and cartridge check valve. The double suction and delivery ports allow both vertical and horizontal installation. Thanks to its compact sizes, installation is also possible in difficult places without high air exchange.
  2. Features of DAB E.Sybox Mini 3 Booster Pump 60183504:

    ✔ Energy Efficient
    ✔ High resolution LCD Display
    ✔ Can be installed either vertically or horizontally, in closed spaces without high level of air exchange
    ✔ Suitable for domestic, agricultural and light commercial use
    ✔ 3 year manufacturers warranty
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