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Drayton Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 1

(Code: 3337066)
1- channel system that's great for combi boilers and offers multi-zone control. 
£ 254.44
£ 203.89
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  1. Description of the article Drayton Wiser Multi-Zone Kit 1

    The Drayton Wiser multi-zone kit 1 system with two radiator thermostats to start zoning your system. Suitable for combi boilers. Control both the room and radiator thermostats via the Wiser Heat app. Add more Wiser radiator thermostats to create more independent zones.

    Pack Contents:
    2 x Radiator thermostat
    1 x Room thermostat
    1 x 1 channel Heat Hub
    6 x AA batteries
    1 x Thermostat stand
    1 x Thermostat wall bracket
    1 x OpenTherm module
    1 x Wallplate
    2 X M30x1.5mm ring nut
    2 X Drayton valve adapter
    2 x Danfoss RA valve adapter
  2. ✔ Able to connect up to 32 devices
    ✔ Allowing local app access while at home even without an internet connection
    ✔ Giving smart functionality of up to 3 channels, 16 zones.