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Geberit Type 10 Remote Dual Flush Button - Matt Chrome 116.055.KN.1

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Geberit remote flush actuation type 10, pneumatic, for dual flush, furniture actuator
£ 83.68
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  1. Description of the article Geberit Type 10 remote dual flush button_ Matt Chrome

    The Geberit Dual Flush Pneumatic Type 10 flush button is discrete and streamlined. Intuitively arranged with large and small surface areas for long and short flushes respectively, this flush button provides the user with the discretion to use the correct amount of water each time. With this arrangement, it is easy to reduce overall running costs and lower consumption.
  2. ✔ Can be combined with Geberit flush plates for single flush and stop-and-go flush or Geberit cover plate.
    ✔ Round design
    ✔ Actuator made of plastic
    ✔ 1 years warranty

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Excellent, many thanks.
Kevin w.