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GROHE Rapid SL 4-in-1 Set for WC, 1.00m Installation Height 38888000

(Code: CC00284)
This is the Grohe Rapid 4 in 1 set for WC 38888000. This set is ready and easy to install. It comes with flushing cistern 6 - 3 l. The WC frame is 1.00m installation height. This WC frame comes with the skate cosmopolitan flush plate.
£ 293.33
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  1. Description of the article GROHE Rapid SL 4-in-1 set for WC, 1.00 m installation height

    GROHE Rapid 4 in 1 set has a robust look that lasts. This kit was designed for installation at a height of 1.00 meter which is easy to wash standing up and can be installed by one person (tool not included). The GROHE Rapid WC Frame comes with the skate cosmopolitan flush plate, the perfect combination for intelligent flushing performance with minimal water consumption. The cistern capacity is 3-6 litres.

    The Grohe 38888000 comes with the following parts:
    ✔ Flushing cistern 6 - 3 l
    ✔ Rapid SL element for WC (38 525 001)
    ✔ Skate Cosmopolitan flush plate, chrome (38 732 000)
    ✔ GROHE Fresh retro-fit set (38 796 000)
    ✔ Rapid SL front wall brackets (38 558 00M)
  2. ✔ Sound transmission to adjoining rooms minimised with GROHE Whisper noise control
    ✔ Reduce your water consumption by up to 50% with Grohe eco joy and pay a smaller utility bill
    ✔ Installation height: 1.00 m
    ✔ Comes with manufactures warranty
  4. To find out more details about the product. Have a look on the following instructions.

  5. Find out some tips for the installation of the Grohe rapid frame on the video below