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GROHE WC Concealed Cistern 1.2m 6/4L 38661000

(Code: CC00278)
Grohe WC Concealed Cistern 1.2m 6/4L (38661000). Concealed Plastic Cistern suitable for use with Back-to-Wall or Wall Hung Toilet Pans.
£ 114.90
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  1. Description of GROHE WC Concealed Cistern 1.2m 6/4L 38661000:

    This Grohe Concealed Cistern is a great way to save space in a small bathroom; the cistern tank is installed into the wall and then hidden behind. This Grohe cistern is suitable for use with Back-to-Wall or Wall Hung Toilet Pans by connecting to the flush pipe. It also supports either dual flush or single flush and has a low-noise filling valve.

    Included with this Grohe concealed cistern are fixing brackets, a protecting block and easy to use instructions. Installing this cistern adds modern convenience to a bathroom with minimal space. An optional extension flush pipe is also available if required. Removable lid connection from left, right, top or back inlet. Insulated against condensation.
  2. ✔ WC concealed cistern
    ✔ Front actuation
    ✔ Dual or single flush
    ✔ Removable lid connection from left/right, top and back
    ✔ Insulated against condensation
    ✔ With angle stop valve 1/2" and flush pipe
    ✔ Fixing brackets and protecting block
    ✔ Min. recommended static pressure 0.2 bar
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