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Premium Diamond Dry Core Drill Kit 11 Piece - Slotted Barrel X90 Grade A10DCDKIT57

(Code: A10DCDKIT57)
Mexco 11pc Diamond Core Drill set - A10DCDKIT57.
£ 101.74
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  1. Description of Mexco 11 Piece Diamond Dry Core Drill Kit - Slotted Barrel X90 Grade A10DCDKIT57:

    Mexco X90 Grade Diamond core drill set. The DCX90 range of dry core drills are ideal for the plumber, builder and general tradesman providing a compact and versatile kit for drilling holes in masonry from 38mm - 127mm. All items included within the 11 piece case can be purchased individually for restocking of the kit. Mexco dry core drills should be used in conjunction with a minimum 850W+ drill motor fitted with a slipping clutch. These diamond core drill bits are supplied as standard with a 1/2” BSP female backend and can be fitted with either the hex adaptor to fit a standard 3 jaw chuck or can be fitted with the SDS plus adaptor to fit an SDS core drill.

    Kit includes 38, 52, 65, 117 & 127mm Slotted Diamond Core drills. 80mm SDS & HEX adaptors, 250mm SDS & HEX adaptors, Pilot drill, Drift key.
  2. Features of Mexco 11 Piece Diamond Dry Core Drill Kit - Slotted Barrel X90 Grade A10DCDKIT57:

    ✔ Heavy Duty Carry Case
    ✔ Professional Quality
    ✔ 1/2" BSP back end fitment
    ✔ High Diamond Concentration
    ✔ High quality slotted & fluted steel barrel for fast waste removal
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