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Ultra Hard Materials Diamond Blade 180mm - XCEL Grade UHXCEL18022

(Code: UHXCEL18022)
Mexco 180mm Diamond blade for cutting ALL Tiles & hard materials - UHXCEL18022.
£ 33.89
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  1. Description of Mexco 180mm Ultra Hard Materials Diamond Blade - XCEL Grade UHXCEL18022:

    The Mexco UHX blade is designed for fast, clean cutting of the hardest tiles and natural Stone. This high quality XCEL grade diamond-tipped tile saw will handle any hard material from porcelain or ceramic to man made fired materials like granite! The Ultra Hard Materials line offers an ultra thin segment width with a 1.2 - 2mm thickness range which makes it perfect for slicing through anything in your path without bogging down too much on those pesky bumps along the way.

    The XCEL range of products are simply our best in class, because they're made with uncompromised raw materials and offer consumers an optimum experience. The cutting blades will cut faster compared to other brands leaving you more time on your hands! Maximum recommended depth: 20mm - suitable for tile saws or grinders as well as bench saws - both wet and dry.
  2. Features of Mexco 180mm Ultra Hard Materials Diamond Blade - XCEL Grade UHXCEL18022:

    ✔ 10mm Segment Height
    ✔ Fast clean cut
    ✔ Suitable for Porcelain, Ceramic & Hard Natural stone
    ✔ Professional Quality
    ✔ High Diamond Concentration
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