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Nerrad Super Wide Stubby Wrench 32mm Jaw NTSWS2

(Code: NTSWS2)
Nerrad Tools
£ 24.99
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  1. Description of Nerrad Super Wide Stubby Wrench 32mm Jaw NTSWS2:

    Precision engineered wide jaw adjustable wrench manufactured from hardened CRV Steel for durability. Jaw surfaces are machined flat and perfectly parallel, preventing slippage under extreme load.

    Max Jaw width 32mm. The stubby adjustable comes with a super wide slim jaw and a short handle, ideal for getting in tight confined, hard to reach spaces and made from tough CRV steel.
  2. Features of Nerrad Super Wide Stubby Wrench 32mm Jaw NTSWS2:

    ✔ Smallest adjustable to fit a 22mm compression fitting
    ✔ 32mm Super Wide Slim Jaw
    ✔ Made from tough CRV Steel
    ✔ Stubby handle for access where space is restricted
    ✔ Nerrad Tools Lifetime Guarantee
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