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Nerrad Tools NTTAPEXKIT1 Tapex Tap Wrench Kit 18 Piece

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Nerrad Tools
Advanced tap Wrench Technology for Engineered Professionals.
£ 139.99
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  1. Description of the article Nerrad Tools NTTAPEXKIT1 Tapex Tap Wrench Kit 18 piece

    NTTAPEXKIT1 Nerrad Tapex Tap Wrench Kit. Nerrad tools provide a comprehensive range of plumbing products that are constructed to the highest standards, making everyday plumbing tasks easier to carry out, so that ultimately you (the engineer) can be more productive. Includes 18 pieces Professional tap wrench kit.

  2. ✔ Unique "Sockets within a Socket" for 1/2" and 3/4" back and supply nuts.
    ✔ Extra-long forged sockets for Monoblock Mixers.
    ✔ Adjustable Reach ratchet handle
    ✔ Composite quick action handle
    ✔ Slide bar, universal joints, fixed extension.
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product, excellent service.
David L.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fantastic bit of kit.
David B.
Shopping Satisfaction
The set is a little expensive but get the jod done alot easier and quick so worth it.
Tony graham t.
Shopping Satisfaction
Quality bit of kit.
Ross b.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good kit
good price.
Stephen m.