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Polypipe Offset Bend 112½° RR127B

(Code: FF69644)
Polypipe Offset Bend 112½° RR127B. Made in black colour and from PVCu.
£ 3.89
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  1. Description of Polypipe Offset Bend 112½° RR127B :

    This Polypipe Offset Bend 112½° is suitable for 68 mm pipes. The product code is RR127B. This offset bend is made in black colour and it is made from PVCu.

    Polypipe rainwater systems range offers a comprehensive selection of rainwater solutions. On our website you can find gutters, union brackets, external stops, pipe conectores and much more from Polypipe. Practical options that don’t just provide the correct technical solution, but also offer versatile aesthetic options for both residential and light commercial use.

  2. Features of Polypipe Offset Bend 112½° RR127B :

    ✔ Offset Bend
    ✔ 112½ degree
    ✔ Size: 68mm
    ✔ Matching products available
    ✔ Residential and light commercial use