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Polypipe UFH 4 Zone Slave RF PB4ZSRF

(Code: 5516569B)
Polypipe UFH 4 zone slave RF PB4ZSRF. White colour. Polyplumb control range.
£ 91.78
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  1. Description of Polypipe UFH 4 Zone Slave RF PB4ZSRF:

    This Polypipe product is an underfloor heating slave for up to 4 zones. The Polypipe product code is PB4ZSRF. It comes in white colour and it is part of the PolyPlumb control range. This product is Wireless.

    This product come with neon indicators to show room activation. Where more than two zones of control are required, the PB4ZSRF is used with the PB22ZM RF 2 Zone Master Unit to provide up to 4 additional control zones.

  2. Features of Polypipe UFH 4 Zone Slave RF PB4ZSRF:

    ✔ 4 Zones
    ✔ UFH product
    ✔ Neon indicators to show room activation
    ✔ 4 zones slave RF unit