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Salamander CT60 Bathroom 1.8 Bar Twin Positive Head Regenerative Shower and Bathroom Pump

(Code: DD50210)
Salamander Pumps
CT60 Bathroom is a 1.8 bar twin shower pump suitable for positive head, gravity-fed installations. This range has been specifically engineered to meet the increased demands for water supply within bathrooms, en-suites and utility rooms.
£ 154.50
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  1. Salamander CT60B 1.8 bar twin positive head regenerative shower and bathroom pump

    The CT Bathroom range can be installed in a variety of applications, delivering CT Bathroom power to your shower or performance to all outlets in your home. The CT60B is suitale for gravity fed systems, i.e. systems with a cold water cistern (usually sited in the loft) and a hot water cylinder (usually in an airing cupboard) feeding the hot and cold outlets of the pump.

    This regenaritive pump is built using Noise/Vibration technology to reduce noise and Crossover technology for individual outlet operation
  2. ✔ Boosts bathroom water performance
    ✔ Compact for easy installation
    ✔ Vibration reduction feet
    ✔ Pump supplied with 15mm AV couplers
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