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Salamander HomeBoost Fittings Kit CHBFIT01

(Code: DD50079)
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Salamander Pumps
HomeBoost fittings kit
£ 23.99
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  1. Description of Salamander HomeBoost Fittings Kit CHBFIT01:

    The Homeboost fittings kit is made to make installation of Salamander Homeboost Intelligent pumps a much smoother process. This fitting kit adds efficiency, an easier install and offers added benefits going forward with an ability for easy servicing should it be required. The Salamader fittings kit comes equipt with the following - Straight Connector, Isolation valve connector, washer, filter washer and a set of adapters for either 15mm or 22mm pipe connections.

  2. Features of Salamander HomeBoost Fittings Kit CHBFIT01:

    ✔ Full Set Included
    ✔ Helps with easy installation
    ✔ Approved Salamander Parts
    ✔ Allows for easy servicing in future
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Ideal components, we ordered two, one for either side of pump, perfect.
D A.