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Salus VS20WRF Digital Thermostat

(Code: 3300559)
Discontinued Product
The salus VS20WRF is to be used with RX10RF as a part of iT600 Smart Range.
This product is compatible with most common boilers and you can control from anywhere via the App.
£ 42.49
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  1. Description of the article Salus VS20WRF Digital Thermostat

    This battery-powered, wall- or desk-mounted thermostat, with wireless communication, can be configured to work as a programmable thermostat, non-programmable thermostat, group controller, or hot water timer.

    The VS20WRF  is a room temperature thermostat that is used for wireless control of IT600 series devices such as: KL08RF wiring centre, TRV radiator valve and RX10RF boiler receiver. In combination with  Universal Gateway UGE600 this regulator can be controlled over the Internet using SALUS Smart Home app (Online mode). Without Internet connection (Offline mode) thermostat works locally, but its communication with other devices must be done through the coordinating unit - CO10RF
  2. ✔ Three adjustable temperature settings including Night SetBack
    ✔ Temporary and permanent overrides
    ✔ External sensor options including cylinder thermostat when configured as a hot water timer
    ✔ Default heating/cooling program
    ✔ Memory backup (settings don’t need to be reset in the event of power loss)
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