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Strom 14.4kW Heat Only Electric Boiler SBSP15H

(Code: SBSP15H)
Strom Heat Only Boilers are a smart & compact electric boiler satisfying all your heating needs.
£ 664.99
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Please note that we cannot accept the return of unwanted boilers if the box/packaging has been opened.
  1. Description of Strom 14.4kW Heat Only Electric Boiler SBSP15H:

    Heat Only Boilers are the most simplistic form of an Electric Boiler, but their compact format means they can be placed almost anywhere you have the space.

    Whilst the Heat Only Boiler's larger cousins feature built in pumps and vessels the Heat Only only has the essentials, this means any additional items such as the pump can be placed external to the boiler. This boiler is normally the go to boiler for space issues or where pump & expansion arrangements are not required.
    This box contains the Heat Only Boiler, Wall fixings & mounting guide and Installation manual.

    ✔ Can be sited almost anywhere in the property
    ✔ Smaller than most standard boilers
    ✔ Near silent in operation
    ✔ Minimal moving parts
    ✔ Zero risk of Carbon Monoxide

  2. Features of Strom 14.4kW Heat Only Electric Boiler SBSP15H:

    ✔ Compact & unique heating element
    ✔ The go-to boiler for space issues
    ✔ Easy to wire thermostat connections
    ✔ Integrated wall bracket
    ✔ Heating Temperature: 20C - 80C
    ✔ Heating Pressure: 0.5 - 1.5 Bar
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