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Twyford Optima Dual Flush Valve CF2457CP

(Code: CF2457CP)
Discontinued Product
Optima Flush Valve
£ 14.99
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  1. Description of Twyford Optima Dual Flush Valve CF2457CP:

    Twyford Optima replacement dual flush valve. 6 or 4 litre dual flush, comes complete with chrome dual flush button included.

    This piece of kit is required when connecting a standard cistern tank (which has no screw holes in the base) onto a close couple pan. The metal plate is affixed to the tank base by inserting over extruding flush outlet and tightened.
  2. Features of Twyford Optima Dual Flush Valve CF2457CP:

    ✔ 6 / 4 litre flush
    ✔ Dual flush
    ✔ Chome dual flush button included
    ✔ 1 year manufacturer's guarantee
    ✔ Genuine Twyford replacement part