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Viva Skylo Height Adjustable 7-9" 3 Part Height Adjustable Syphon Dual Flush AS01/3P

(Code: AS01/3P)
  • The Skylo 3 part height adjustable syphon is a traditional toilet syphon that offers an easy service
  • No need to turn the water supply off, simply remove a clip and service
  • Height adjustable from 7.5" to 9.5" to suit your cistern
  • Internal overflow, dual flush function and multiple flushing volumes
  • WRAS approved and manufactured to ISO-9001
£ 9.45
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  1. Description of the article Viva Skylo Height Adjustable 7"-9" 3 Cistern Syphon Dual Flush

    This traditional toilet syphon easily adjusts from 7.5" - 9.5” in height to allow it to fit in most toilets. Its internal overflow means you don’t need to worry about your bathroom flooding, and the dual flush function and multiple flushing volumes gives you greater control over your water. With this syphon servicing is a breeze, simply unclip the side clip and remove the syphon.
  2. ✔ Easy to Service
    ✔Adjustable Height from 7.5" - 9.5” 
    ✔ Dual Flush
    ✔ Multiple Full Flush Volumes
    ✔Internal Overflow
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