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Wirquin Jollyflush Dual Flush Cable Operated Valve and Push Button, Dual Flush Mechanism 10120446

(Code: 10120446)
This Wirquin model  10120446 includes chrome dual flush button. It has WRAS approved for water saving. 

£ 21.45
£ 14.95
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  1. Description of the article Wirquin Jollyflush Dual Flush Cable operated Valve and Push Button, Dual Flush mechanism 10120446

    The Jollyflush 10120446 is anew version of dual flush valve a easy installation. The flexible cable makes it easy to install even in narrow cisterns. The button can be positioned to replace all existing buttons and levers. is Universal version can fit both 1.5" and 2" outlets.
  2. ✔ Quick & easy to Install
    ✔ Cable operated
    ✔ Universal: Fit both 1.5" and 2" outlets
    ✔  Quiet: Only 17 decibels
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