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Wirquin Jollyflush Dual Flush Chrome Push Button, Toilet Flushing Button 10717795

(Code: FF49008)
Genuine WIRQUIN Dual Flush Replacement Push Button. Why replace the whole syphon valve when you can just replace the Button for a fraction of the price.

£ 13.71
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  1. Description of the Wirquin Jollyflush dual flush chrome push button:

    The Wirquin Jollyflush dual flush chrome push button is the replacement suitable for use with the Wirquin range of Jollyflush valves operated range. the Spare button single and dual flush capabilities
  2. ✔ Push Button Dual flush
    ✔ Dimensions: (H)47 x (L)62 x (W)47mm
    ✔ Genuine Wirquin / Product Code: 10717795
    ✔ Feature 4
    ✔ Feature 5