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Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves at 

Pressure reducing valves are designed tohelp protect water installation from water pressure that could cause damage.They are ideal for use in domestic and commercial settings, helping to regularthe pressure while also helping to reduce water consumption and noise. Theymake it possible to regulate pressure and so, if the water pressure is too highor too low, you can monitor it and manage it accordingly. We offer productsfrom an array of manufacturers and they are all designed to provide durabilityand reliability. This includes the likes of Honeywell Home and Salus. When youhave access to reliable pressure reducing valves, you will be able to ensurethat your heating system benefits from a consistent flow. They are ideal forboth hot and cold water systems and come with or without a gauge. We also makesure that we stock a range of products to fit all budgets, enabling you to findthe right product for your needs.