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Adey MagnaClean Micro2 22mm Filter FL1-03-01274

(Code: 5514003S)
High performance compact filter making it ideal for tight spaces.
£ 87.99
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  1. Description of Adey MagnaClean Micro2 22mm Filter FL1-03-01274:

    MagnaClean® Micro2 is a proven, high efficiency, full-flow, compact magnetic and non-magnetic filter. It is designed to protect domestic heating systems and remove virtually 100% of suspended black iron oxide.

    The Micro2 delivers exceptional domestic central heating system protection against the damaging effects of black iron oxide sludge and non-magnetic debris in applications where space is extremely limited.

    The compact in-line and rapid fit filter not only helps reduce heating energy bills and extend the operational life of the system, it also helps reduce maintenance costs and carbon emissions.
  2. Features of Adey MagnaClean Micro2 22mm Filter FL1-03-01274:

    ✔ In-line installation can be completed in just two minutes
    ✔ 360° rotational valves providing multiple installation options
    ✔ Bi-directional flow so either port can bean inlet for increased flexibility
    ✔ Ultra-thin sheath to enhance magnetic capture performance
    ✔ Rapid fit connectors for faster servicing
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