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BoilerMag Domestic 22mm Magnetic Filter BM22

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BoilerMag Domestic 22mm Filter BM22
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  1. Description of BoilerMag Domestic 22mm Magnetic Filter BM22:

    BoilerMag from Eclipse Magnetics is a highly efficient filter system that removes harmful magnetic and non-magnetic debris from domestic heating systems. It protects the boiler and radiators from the build up of ferrous oxide and in doing so increases energy efficiency and the lifespan of heating system components.

    The BoilerMag filter comes with a trusted patented magnetic technology which ensures that virtually 100% of ferrous oxide and scale is removed on the first pass. This heating system filter offers the following benefit:

    ✔ Install/Clean in minutes, protects for years
    ✔ Dual flow technology – filters twice on one pass
    ✔ Guaranteed no block
    ✔ Removes both magnetic and non-magnetic debris
    ✔ Fits in line and has 360º adjustment
    ✔ Easy access for chemical dosing
    ✔ High quality valves and seals
    ✔ 22mm or 28mm available

  2. Features of Boilermag Domestic 22mm Magnetic Filter BM22:

    ✔ Dual Flow technology
    ✔ Non-Block
    ✔ Includes iso valves
    ✔ 22mm
    ✔ 3 years manufacturer warranty
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Seems to be working, no leaks yet.
Steve L.
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Not fitted /not applicable.
Gordon W.