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BWT Tablet Salt (Care Cubes) 10kg

BWT Tablet Salt (Care Cubes) 10kg
£ 5.99
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Please take note that due to the volume and weight of the salt, this item is excluded for the promotion of Free Standard Delivery on orders over £50 and you need to pay the "Standard heavy items delivery" which is £6.9 per each 25KG.

  1. Description of BWT Tablet Salt (Care Cubes) 10kg:

    Keep the performance of your water softener going strong with the BWT Tablet Salt (Care Cubes) 10kg. The granulated salt is of high quality and high purity and is sold as 25kg bags. The salt can be used on all makes of both water softeners and dishwashers.

  2. BWT Tablet Salt (Care Cubes) 10kg features:

    ✔ Manufactured in the UK
    ✔ No dust or dirt
    ✔ Dissolve completely to form a good quality brine
    ✔ Suitable for all makes of water softeners and dishwashers