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BWT 10L Hi Flo Electronic Demand Water Softener WS455

(Code: WS455)
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10 litre Hi Flo Electronic demand block / tablet water softener
£ 646.00
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  1. Description of BWT 10L Hi Flo Electronic Demand Water Softener WS455:

    The BWT 10L Hi Flo Electronic Demand Water Softener is a small and affordable water softening system that can be installed in any space of your home. This easy to install, self-regulating unit has the ability to adjust its salt consumption based on current hardness levels so you don't have to worry about adding more when you need less or vice versa. Easily monitor and balance out your household's usage with this smart little device!

    The BWT 10L Hi Flo Electronic Demand Water Softener WS455 is a water softening system that will remove calcium and magnesium minerals from your home's pipes. It has an electronic timer to control when the unit goes off, so it won't go on during peak hours or if you're at work all day! This is great for people who are away often because of their jobs.

    This product features self-regulated capability so that energy will not be wasted during periods when no adjustments are needed because there isn't enough time between cycles for significant buildup (which would require more power). This machine also adjusts its performance depending on whether someone simply wants clean drinking water without any other modification than removing calcium from their tap supply--or they want to have softer clothes, better skin penetration while showering—all this without wasting electricity by requiring constant operation! The WS455 water softener is the perfect home accessory for those who are looking to get a professional and affordable option. It has everything you need in order to make your life easier and more comfortable.
    • This model has 10 litres capacity with dimensions that measure 602x480mm x270 mm (H).
    • The Inlet hose size measures 3/4-inch while the Outlet hose size measures 3/4 inch as well; providing maximum efficiency!
    • It comes complete with a 22mm installation kit including fittings so there's nothing left up to you but installing it correctly into place which could be done by an average person without any difficulty whatsoever thanks in part due to not only its easy assembly instructions but also because of all necessary equipment.
    • It has a flow rate that ranges from 10L per minute up to 50 LPM during peak hours!
    • The electrical supply has 220 AC and 12 DC to power your appliances.

  2. Features of BWT 10L Hi Flo Electronic Demand Water Softener WS455:

    ✔ Free commissioning - No fuss, WRAS approved product
    ✔ Smart water monitoring - for greater efficiency, Block & Tablet salt options
    ✔ Electronic control system - softener adapts to your lifestyle with Block & Tablet salt options
    ✔ Market leading @Home warranties - for complete peace of mind
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