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C.K PVC Pipe Cutter 430001

(Code: 430001)
CK Tools
C.K PVC Pipe Cutter 430001
£ 23.89
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  1. Description of C.K PVC Pipe Cutter 430001:

    The C.K PVC Pipe Cutter is the perfect tool for efficient, one-handed straight cutting of PVC conduit pipes and similar materials. With a lightweight yet strong glass fibre reinforced body and a razor sharp stainless steel blade, this cutter makes quick work of your projects. The cutter can be used for blue water mains pipe, rubber hose, pneumatic pipe, electrical sleeving to name just a few.

  2. Features of C.K PVC Pipe Cutter 430001:

    ✔ Lightweight and strong
    ✔ Can be used for a variety of materials
    ✔ A razor sharp stainless steel blade
    ✔ 1 Year Warranty