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DAB Evosta3 60/130 Circulating Pump 60193271

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DAB Pumps
Domestic Heating pump
£ 85.50
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  1. Description of DAB Evosta3 60/130 Circulating Pump 60193271:

    Low energy consumption electronic pump for water circulation in all types of domestic heating and cooling systems. Evosta 3 by DAB is a wet rotor electronic circulator designed for the recirculation of water in domestic and residential heating and air conditioning systems. It’s the first circulator with IPX5 protection class. It has a permanent magnet synchronous motor and inverter electronics that automatically adapt performance to system requirements, ensuring energy savings and protection from hammering effects. Its configuration is very simple: a sequential key can be used to scroll through the nine operating modes, three with proportional pressure, three with constant pressure and three with constant curve.

    All the models have a breather plug, automatic degassing function and allow manual release of the motor shaft. Threaded suction and delivery ports. Technopolymer impeller. Insulation casings included. Cataphoretic paint coated cast iron body, stainless steel motor casing. Evosta 3 has a screen for the display of the height of the selected curve in metres, instantaneous power absorption in watts, instantaneous head and instantaneous flow rate.
  2. Features of DAB Evosta3 60/130 Circulating Pump 60193271:

    ✔ Circulator can now be replaced easily
    ✔ Illuminated display and sequential button with immediate feedback
    ✔ High Efficiency
    ✔ Maximum performance, minimum consumption
    ✔ 5 year manufacturers warranty
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Not yet fitted, waiting for old pump to stop for the last time. Comes with comprehensive instructions, and well packaged.
David D.
Shopping Satisfaction
So far, very good. Only criticism is instructions for a lay person could be better. Otherwise, everything needed was there. Good value.
Jonathan G.
Shopping Satisfaction

Pump easy to fit and operate
Super quiet.
David J.