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Fernox TF1 Compact Magnetic Filter 22mm 62131

(Code: 6603056B)
Hydrocyclonic and magnetic in-line system filter to remove magnetic and non-magnetic contaminants. Ideal for compact spaces.

£ 104.99
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  1. Description of the article Fernox TF1 Compact Magnetic Filter -22mm

    Fernox TF1 Compact Magnetic Filter 22mm is a high-performance, magnetic in-line system filter ideal for restricted spaces. This simple to install, composite plastic filter fits onto vertical and horizontal pipework and works by allowing hydrocyclonic action to deliver contaminants to the unit’s powerful magnet assembly for safe removal. Thanks to the innovative design it is capable of multiple orientations.

    Product Specifications
    Maximum temperature 100°C Maximum working pressure 3 bar Maximum flow rate 50 L/min Magnetic characteristics – 9000 Gauss Neodymium magnet assembly Glass fibre reinforced Nylon plastic.

    The Fernox TF1 Compact can be connected directly onto 22mm pipe work using the valve fittings provided. The unit can be installed in either horizontal or vertical pipe work and has been conveniently designed to be positioned flush to a wall. The TF1 Compact can be installed in any of 24 separate orientations enabled by its unique inlet / outlet mechanism, to allow the flow to be in any direction as it passes the unit.

    Packaging, Handling and Storage
    Individually packaged with all valves and detailed instructions included. No special storage requirements needed.
  2. ✔ Ideal for use in restricted spaces and access areas
    ✔ Removes system contaminants
    ✔ Fits vertical and horizontal pipework
    ✔ Will not block or restrict flow
    ✔ As with all magnetic products, if you have an implanted cardiac device extra caution should be taken at all times when handling any Fernox TF1 filter
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