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Fernox Water Quality Test 62399

(Code: 6603025)
Fernox Water Quality Test is a paperless, smart phone driven, postal laboratory service which provides a diagnostic check of five key water quality criteria.
£ 19.49
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  1. Description of Fernox Water Quality Test 62399:

    Fernox Water Quality Test is a postal laboratory diagnostic service which provides an analytical check of five key water quality criteria to guard against the causes of central heating problems. It gives recommendations, as necessary,on how to treat the system, in order to restore efficiency and optimise the life of the boiler and system.

    Following treatment with Fernox products, the Water Quality Test will provide confirmation that the system has been correctly cleaned and protected. This test does not check if competitor products have been used in the system.
  2. Features of Fernox Water Quality Test 62399:

    ✔ Postal laboratory diagnostic test to identify system water quality
    ✔ Verify Fernox Protector concentration
    ✔ Check for presence of Fernox Cleaner residues
    ✔ Easy-to-read report and recommendations
    ✔ App based test service for ease, speed and convenience
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