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Fernox System Health Check 61161

(Code: 6603122)
Fernox System Health Check is a premier postal sampling service which provides accurate laboratory diagnosis of central heating problems.
£ 32.99
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  1. Description of Fernox System Health Check 61161:

    The Fernox System Health Check provides an invaluable facility for those who want to ascertain the cause of central heating problems and to determine the necessary remedial action required to resolve them, particularly where on-site results are inconclusive.

    Analytical water testing works because the water in the system contains all the information required for diagnosis of the most common problems. The Fernox laboratory will carry out a full analysis of the system water, establishing the cause of any problems and prescribing the correct Fernox treatment.
  2. Features of Fernox System Health Check 61161:

    ✔ Postal laboratory diagnostic test to identify system water quality
    ✔ Fast accurate results, confirms presence of any debris or cleaner residue, or if system clean and dosed correctly.
    ✔ Easy-to-read report and recommendations
    ✔ Results on portal for easy access and history of site.
    ✔ Provides all the necessary apparatus required to gather samples for testing
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