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Geberit Type 360 Bottom Connection Filling Valve 1/2" -

Geberit Type 360 filling valve bottom connection (1/2" plastic).
£ 15.04
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  1. Description of the article Geberit Type 360 bottom connection filling valve 1/2" _

    he functional Filling Valve Type 360 is designed for water supply connection at the bottom. Brought to you by the popular brand Geberit from one of its useful ranges, it is height adjustable. The valve is made from high-quality material for optimum output. It operates with a water temperature of maximum of 25 degrees with a Flow pressure range between 0.1-10 bar. Made for use with modern cisterns, it comes with Seal and Nut. Now you can purchase this element from our online store at an affordable cost.
  2. ✔ Suitable to use with Geberit exposed cisterns with 1/2'' bottom water supply connections
    ✔ Adjustable filling height
    ✔ Water supply connection on the bottom
    ✔ 1-year Geberit manufacturer's guarantee