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hansgrohe Focus M41 Single Lever Kitchen Mixer 160 1jet 31806000

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The Focus M41 Single Lever Kitchen Mixer boasts organic design with precision edges to add a touch of class to your kitchen. AirPower technology adds generous amounts of air to the water, creating a soft, splash-free spray while the QuickClean rub clean aerator loosens any limescale deposits making sure your tap looks beautiful and stays working for longer. The swivel spout can swivel 360° for greater freedom of movement.
£ 106.99
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  1. Description of the article hansgrohe Focus M41 Single Lever Kitchen Mixer 160 1jet 31806000

    Modern quality mixer for more freedom of movement at the sink.
    With a height of 160 mm (the gap between mixer spout and bottom edge) and a swivel range of up to 360°, the Focus M41 Single lever kitchen mixer 160, 1spray offers a generous working range, both vertically and horizontally. The slender, linear Focus M41 design is timelessly-modern, easy to combine, and will blend harmoniously with any kitchen. The elegantly rounded single-spray mixer (normal spray) offers exemplary user comfort for your daily kitchen tasks, and scores points for its sophisticated technology.

    The patented ceramic mixer system is made at the hansgrohe cartridge works in Germany's Black Forest – for smooth handling and an even water flow. The Boltic handle lock prevents the lever from wobbling – even after years. A temperature limit can be set to prevent the water from becoming too hot – ideal for children and the elderly. Velvety-soft water that splashes less.
  2. ✔ Comfortzone 160 provides space for greater freedom of movement
    ✔ Swivel spout 360°
    ✔ Normal spray
    ✔ Connection dimension: DN15
    ✔ Ceramic cartridge
    ✔ QuickClean technology
    ✔ AirPower technology
    ✔ Connection type: G ⅜ connections
    ✔ Temperature limitation adjustable
    ✔ Flow rate 12 l/min at 3 bar
    ✔ Operating pressure: min. 1 bar/max. 5 bar
    ✔ 5 years warranty
    ✔ Spare parts can be purchased up to 15 years after the range has been discontinued
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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Quality product.
Christopher K.
Shopping Satisfaction
Already have one of these from about 10yrs ago, still working faultlessly all that time so bought one for a relative who'd had a kitchen fitted, where the tap started leaking and chrome falling off after 2yrs!
Hansgrohe are beautifully made, lovely chromework and obviously with top quality ceramic cartridges. Also the smooth shape means easy to wipe down and keep free from scale deposits.
Highly recommended.
Clive R.
Shopping Satisfaction
Good price and arrived quickly.
Baker S.