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hansgrohe Focus M41 Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray 31815000

(Code: 31815000)
hansgrohe Focus M41 Single Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull Out Spray 31815000 made in Germany under high quality standards using the latest QuickClean technology for easy lime scale removal. It has a stylish chrome finish and it comes with hansgrohe guarantee. It is easy to fit.
£ 231.89
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  1. Description of the article hansgrohe focus kitchen mixer tap with pull out spray and 150° swivel range

    More space at the kitchen sink with the pull-out spout. The Focus M41 Single lever kitchen mixer 240, pull-out spray, 2spray from hansgrohe makes daily kitchen chores so much easier with many helpful functions. The ergonomic design with a nice spout height of 230 mm enables people to fill even the largest of containers with ease (ComfortZone).

    The spout can be pulled out to approx. 50 cm to extend the working radius. It has two swivel settings (110° or 150°) for extra options. Users can also switch between two spray types at the touch of a button on the spout. The soft shower spray is perfect for gently rinsing fruit and vegetables here. Limescale can be effortlessly removed by lightly wiping the silicone insert on the spout (QuickClean technology). High quality and sophisticated ergonomic design in the kitchen.
  2. ✔ Operating pressure: min. 1 bar/max. 10 bar
    ✔ ComfortZone 240
    ✔ Swivel range adjustable in 2 steps to 110° or 150°
    ✔ Laminar spray, shower spray
    ✔ Lockable shower spray, spray returns through pressing spray diverter
    ✔ MagFit magnetic shower support
    ✔ QuickClean technology
    ✔ Quick connect hose
    ✔ Connection dimension: DN15
    ✔ Maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 10 l/min
    ✔ Ceramic cartridge
    ✔ Connection type: G ⅜ connections
    ✔ Temperature limitation adjustable
    ✔ Integrated non-return valve
    ✔ Operating pressure: min. 1 bar/max. 5 bar
    ✔ 5 years manufacturer warranty
    ✔ Spare parts can be purchased up to 15 years after the range has been discontinued
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