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Honeywell Home Low Limit Pipe Stat L641B1004

(Code: 3310213)
Honeywell Home
Honeywell Home Low Limit Pipe Stat.Low limit pipe stat
£ 35.80
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  1. Description of Honeywell Home Low Limit Pipe Stat L641B1004:

    This product is the Honeywell Home Low Limit Pipe Stat.Low limit pipe stat.

    The L641 is a surface contact thermostat designed to sense the water temperature in storage cylinders and water pipes, and to provide temperature control, temperature limiting, and temperature feedback functions. L641A mounts directly onto domestic hot water cylinders and can be wired to directly switch a wet central heating circulating pump, or boiler, or to operate spring return and motor open/motor close zone valves.

    L641B mounts directly onto a pipe and can provide high limit, low limit or frost protection in wet central heating systems or automatic summer/winter changeover in XE70 fan-coil control systems.

    ✔ The desired temperature control point is set by the clearly scaled temperature selector on the front cover

    ✔ Wiring terminals are easily accessible

    ✔ Screwdriver slot temperature setting, with optional manual setting knob supplied (L641A)

    ✔ CE approved

    ✔ Tamperproof adjustment option

  2. Features of Honeywell Home Low Limit Pipe Stat L641B1004:

    ✔ To provide low limit temp
    ✔ work with frost stat
    ✔ protection from frost
    ✔ Mounting place: strap on pipe
    ✔ Ideal for pumped systems

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