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JG Speedfit 15mm - 15mm - 300mm Hose FLX17P

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JG Speedfit
JG Speedfit 15mm - 15mm - 300mm Hose FLX17PManufactured by JG Speedfit in UK.
£ 5.99
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  1. Description of JG Speedfit 15mm - 15mm - 300mm Hose FLX17P:

    This product is the JG Speedfit 15mm - 15mm - 300mm Hose FLX17P It comes in chrome colour. This product is part of the John Guest Speedfit range and it is made in the UK.

    The Speedfit X Speedfit push-fit flexi hose is designed for the connection of plastic and copper pipe.

    It has been designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK by John Guest Speedfit.

    This hose is ideal for the connection of two pipes where the angle is too steep to bend pipe to make a connection. Simply push the fitting fully on to the pipe. Should the need arise to demount the connection push the collet towards the body of the fitting and pull the pipe to release.

    The fitting ensures an easier working environment in confined places and removes the need for hot works on site. Installation can be reduced by around 40% against traditional fixing methods.

    Note: With all plastic pipes the relevant manufacturer’s pipe insert is required.

  2. Features of JG Speedfit 15mm - 15mm - 300mm Hose FLX17P:

    ✔ Size: 15mm - 15mm
    ✔ Push-fit and demountable connections
    ✔ WRAS approved
    ✔ 9 Bar @ 65 °C
    ✔ Not suitable for central heating system