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Salus Wireless Pump Over Run Switch GGPC1

(Code: GGPC1)
£ 71.98
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  1. Description of Salus Wireless Pump Over Run Switch GGPC1:

    Mains Switch RF is a novel RF solution for connecting devices where live cabling is inconvenient or impossible. Itís a hassle-free alternative to running cables. Commonly used for boiler pump overrun in the heating industry, Mains Switch can also be used as a solution for another internal switch live wire and cable replacement issues.

    In plumbing, Mains Switch is mainly used as a transmitter/receiver pairing for managing boiler pump overrun where cabling is inconvenient. The RF device has many other applications. You can use it in various home and business situations where itís important for two devices to communicate such as remote light switch and others. There are plenty of applications in the Smart Home environment and elsewhere.

  2. Features of Salus Wireless Pump Over Run Switch GGPC1:

    ✔ Quick and easy install
    ✔ No need to run cable
    ✔ Saves time
    ✔ Can be used for any heating or electrical requirement up to 1000W
    ✔ Can be used for any domestic environment where you donít want to run wires
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