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Salamander 3.0 Bar Twin Universal Centrifugal Shower, Bathroom and Whole House Pump RP100TU

(Code: DD50088)
Salamander Pumps
Salamander 3.0 bar twin universal centrifugal whole house and shower pump RP100TU
£ 397.99
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  1. Description of Salamander 3.0 Bar Twin Universal Centrifugal Whole House and Shower Pump RP100TU

    Boost the water performance in a positive or negative head, gravity fed system with this 3.0 bar twin shower and whole house pump. The centrifugal impeller means this pump will offer an extra boost to your shower or system, and with a noise rating of only 54.5 dBA, is quiet with it. This pump replaces the ESP100.

  2. Features of Salamander 3.0 Bar Twin Positive Head Centrifugal Shower Pump RP100PT:

    ✔ Boosts shower and whole house performance
    ✔ Provides maintained pressure at increased flow rates
    ✔ Extremely quiet, only 55.5dBA
    ✔ Continuously rated
    ✔ Suitable for gravity-fed, positve and negative head installations
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