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SIAMP Foam Doughnut Washer 34031909

(Code: 1171037)
SIAMP Sponge Doughnut Washer
£ 4.99
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  1. Description of SIAMP Foam Doughnut Washer 34031909:

    SIAMP foam sponge doughnut washer. Outside diameter approx 105mm, inside diameter approx 68mm.

    Used to make the seal between toilet cistern and WC pan, this SIAMP foam doughnut washer/gasket is used with many flush valves with a 2" outlet thread; including these popular valves from SIAMP:
    • Siamp Optima 49 dual flush valve
    • Siamp Optima 50 cable operated dual flush valve
    • Siamp Skipper 45 dual flush valve
    • Siamp Storm 33a single flush valve
  2. Features of SIAMP Foam Doughnut Washer 34031909:

    ✔ Quality foam doughnut washer
    ✔ Washer for close coupled WCs
    ✔ 105mm Outer Diameter
    ✔ 68mm Inner Diameter
    ✔ 15mm Thickness