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SIAMP Storm 33A Push Button 34335009

(Code: 1171043)
SIAMP Storm 33A Push Button
£ 9.94
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  1. Description of SIAMP Storm 33A Push Button 34335009:

    SIAMP chrome replacement button to suit the Siamp Storm 33A single flush valve.

    The button features an easy clean design and screws into the valve directly to ensure longevity. Includes a chrome spacer shroud to allow flexibilty installing into cistern lids with holes from 20mm to 50mm. (Previous product code for this item was 34335007, it's now 34335009)
  2. Features of SIAMP Storm 33A Push Button 34335009:

    ✔ Suitable for the Storm 33a and 22a flush valve
    ✔ Screws directly into valve
    ✔ For standard cistern holes 38-44mm
    ✔ For holes 20mm-50mm use spacer supplied
    ✔ Chrome plated