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Salus Smarthome Base Pack for Single Zone SH-BASE

(Code: SH-BASE)
Quantum smarthome smarthome heating base pack SH-BASE.
£ 155.43
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  1. Description of Salus Smarthome Base Pack for Single Zone SH-BASE:

    This product is the Salus Quantum Smarthome heating base pack SH-BASE. Use this pack if you want single zone heating control in your property. Control can be remotely from your Smartphone, Tablet or PC or locally from the thermostat. The heating system can be extended at any time by adding additional pack 4’s to upgrade from a single zone system to a multiple, independently controlled zone system.

    This product package includes the following products:

    ✔ UG600 Universal Gateway
    ✔ RX10RF Boiler Receiver
    ✔ HTRS-RF(30) Thermostat

    This pack comes with a free Smart Plug supplied and is compliant with boiler plus.

    The UG600 Gateway (hub) is the brains of the system and receives the command from the App to control the relevant device.
    HTRS-RF(30) Thermostat positioned in a suitable location within the property for single zone heating control. Monitor, schedule and adjust temperature levels from anywhere via Smartphone, Tablet or PC.
    RX10RF Boiler Receiver positioned next to and connected to the combi boiler. Controls the on/off times of the boiler.
    Use the Free SP600 Smart Plug with any electrical device or appliance to control or schedule it via Smartphone, Tablet or PC.

    This is a starter pack for the SmartHome, can be controlled via mobile or Alexa, can add additional products to the system from the range.

  2. Features of Salus Smarthome Base Pack for Single Zone SH-BASE:

    ✔ App based
    ✔ Alexa compatible
    ✔ 10mm thick
    ✔ Large display
    ✔ Rechargeable
  4. To find out more details about the product. Have a look at the following product spreadsheet.