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Strom 18kW Three Phase Electric Combi Boiler SBTP18C

(Code: SBTP18C)
Strom 18kW Three Phase Electric Combi Boiler
£ 1,084.98
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Please note that we cannot accept the return of unwanted boilers if the box/packaging has been opened.
  1. Description of Strom 18kW Three Phase Electric Combi Boiler SBTP18C:

    This product is the Strom 18kW Three Phase Electric Combi Boiler.

    Compact and quiet electric combi boiler with touchscreen operation and display. Incorporates expansion vessel and pump with no flu required. Uses Serpentine heating element technology and is compatible with solar panels. Ideal for properties off the gas grid, or for sitting where traditional gas boilers cannot be fitted.
    This Storm product comes with 12 months manufacturers warranty. You can get up to 24 months of manufacturers warranty if you register your product.

    The Strom Electric Combi Boilers are compact units offering hot water without the need for a large and bulky external tank. However, because of this, the unit is limited by the flow rate of the water it can supply. We recommend that only 3 phase units are selected for applications that include a bath.
    The Strom Electrical Combination Boiler has been designed from the ground up to be familiar to anyone with any experience of Gas, Oil or LPG boilers. When running the Electric System Boiler in conjunction with a Hot Water Cylinder on Economy 10 tariffs the boiler stands up as a perfectly feasible option against Oil & LPG in terms of running cost. The boiler is ideal for replacing existing tank based fuels, where gas is not available, and where the benefits of the Electric Boiler outweigh the monthly running costs. The Strom Electric Combination Boiler really is the pinnacle of electric heating and features a whole host of innovative features and benefits.
    ✔ No flue required
    ✔ Can be sited almost anywhere in the property
    ✔ Smaller than most standard boilers
    ✔ Near silent in operation
    ✔ Minimal moving parts
    ✔ Zero risk of Carbon Monoxide
    ✔ Touch Screen operation
    ✔ Integrated pump & expansion vessel
    ✔ Perfect for Showers
    ✔Suitable for baths in properties that have three phase electrical supplies only

  2. Features of Strom 18KW Three Phase Electric Combi Boiler SBTP18C:

    ✔ Maximum output of 18kW
    ✔ Serpentine heating element
    ✔ Does not produce Carbon Dioxide
    ✔ Touchscreen operation
    ✔ Compatible With Solar Panels
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